Monday, January 28, 2013

adaline the volleyballer

Adaline had a great volleyball season.  She learned a lot and improved immensely.  We all loved to go and watch her games.  Jack and Alice were so helpful with Junior.  That boy just wanted to crawl onto the court and push the balls around!  I'm happy that Ada's first junior high athletic experience was a positive one.  I also loved that she was the player with the long braid.  I always wanted to be the volleyball player with the long braid. 


Once school started I lost my babysitters.  Boohoo!!  Pushing is a better work out I guess but it is mentally pretty sucky.  We went though, while the weather lasted and this is what my little guys looked like all bundled up.  On Mondays and Fridays James is in school so I only pushed Junior.

So, Jack loves to run.  It still amazes me that I have a kid who likes it.  The girls did cross country for two years and they both refused to humor me this year.  I'm trying to brainwash my kids to have the same hobbies as me so we can always hang out.  Jack and I ran together to train for his cross country meet.  It was so fun to have my little pal on the trails around our house.


We carved those pumpkins in the blazing sun!  I can't get over what a gorgeous fall we had.  I also can't get over this adorable child!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

harvest time

Every year I make my kids do a photo shoot at farms all over Greenbluff.  They don't even argue anymore.  They just know that if they cooperate we will all have happier time.  They are such good sports and so beautiful to me.

 This time we chose Empire, Jonagold and Macintosh apples.

Since we do this every fall we decided to mix things up and climb trees.  We played in the dappled sunlight.

Adaline got to ride for a change.

What a nut.  He's a singer, what can I say?

Caught the crazy sibling torture before the sweet smile shot.

Junior was in my belly last year.  He was much easier to cart around that way.  By the end he was squirmy and my arms were tired.  Good thing I have so many helpers.

Treats!  Treats!  Treats!

 This is what I dream about all year long. 

what a scout!

So I am the mother of a cub scout now.  But let's not talk about me.  This is the most fun and truly compassionate boy.  He is also noisy and creative and noisy.  I could go on but somehow when I start blogging about how I feel about my children it sounds so trite when I reread it.  Oh well, good thing I fawn all over my kids every day of their lives.  If they ever read about my feelings for them then it's like extra love

jack turns 8

Jack wanted to go cliff jumping this year on his birthday.  It was a perfect day to do it.  We had such a lovely September.  The weather was beautiful!

Birthday boy got to be the first in.
The crew.
Every year Jack gets an ice cream cake.  This year I decided to make him one.  He requested chocolate cake with Rocky Road ice cream.  It was fabulous!  It was really messy though.  As you can see, it melted quickly in the heat.
Jack had his first "friend" bday party.  He wanted to go bowling with his buddies.
(this is my 222 post...)


I turned 34 in September.  We spent the day in Sandpoint going to antique shops, swimming and eating, some of my favorite things to do with my very favorite people.  It was a perfect day.

skate or die

This fall Jacob and Alice spent a lot of time skateboarding.  We went through boxes of band aids but Alice really got the hang of it.  As for Jacob, most of his skills have come back except that now he falls harder and his injuries last longer!  Good times!

Grandpa Seversike couldn't resist taking a turn down the driveway!  Wicked Awesome!

Friday, January 4, 2013

birthday boy

Today James is 5 years old.  I can hardly believe it.  My other kids look so little too!  It is surprising how much can happen in such a short amount of time.  Our life most certainly improved once Jamers arrived!  He is quite a character!

thumbs down

Not to bring any negativity to the blog, but this should be documented.  King's is the worst restaurant food I've ever had!  We had mediocre expectations as we met Jacob for lunch in Spokane Valley.  This stuff was inedible.  Avoid at all costs!

ada does turnips

Adaline has been embroidering for awhile now.  I love all of her projects but these were a favorite of mine.  They are turnips that turned into earrings for her Luna Lovegood costume.  My girl is so creative!!