Monday, April 22, 2013

junior is 1

Our baby turned 1 October 18.  It seems impossible that a year has gone by.  I'm learning to truly embrace and appreciate this time with my kids, no matter what each day brings!  Junior is sporting his first black eye.  He got roughed up at volleyball, poor guy.  I made him a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.  It took him a while to dig in but he got the hang of it with his siblings' help.  This is definitely the most indulged Borg child ever.  He has 6 people at his beck and call and he knows it.  We are all in love with Junior!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

happy thanksgiving

 We had a great turn out this year for our turkey bowl.  There were some great plays made and no injuries!  First though, we had to manage the pies and the bird...

 It was sunny but there was definitely a chill in the air.  Must have hot chocolate!
 The little quarterback gets a 6 foot 5 inch boost.
 James really got into it this year.  Watch out Taylor, he's going to get you!

 In the next frame Jacob gets creamed by Shelece.  It wasn't flattering so I posted this pic instead.

 Anticipating the sack.
 The whole crew.
 We also had some serious ninja moves happening on the tramp.
   We had a true feast with wonderful friends and family. We are so blessed!!

We are so happy Tommy and Ranie came for the festivities but we missed Dave, Trish, Britt and Brad on our crazy date night (and every night).  Nothing like bowling to work that Thanksgiving dinner off.


I saw this mama and baby on the side of the road and had to stop for a photo.  They were much closer than they appear.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Another birthday (in September) means that Daddy-O is 37 now.  We love him, we do.


I have no response to this.


I love this face.

family photos

Our friend Malia volunteered to work the camera so we went behind our house to take some family pictures.  She was very patient and it was fun to have her directing us.  

Ugh!  I can't believe I'm posting the cheesy kiss picture but Alice is so cute I couldn't resist


At this point everyone was feeling done.

It was funny to have Teddy in the pictures.  The kids all wanted to hold the leash so we had to do some bargaining.  When Teddy is that close to the woods her sense of adventure wants her to run wild so that was a little tricky.  In the end they all got to have their picture holding Teddy.  Except Adaline, who got to hold her during most of the photo shoot.  Malia made Ada pose like a model for her individual picture.

Thanks Malia!  We love you!!


So, Adaline went to her first dance as Hermoine.  I still can't write about it.  I'm traumatized.  Let's just say I stayed too long after I showed up (even though she got ready at a friends house and didn't need a ride) and got there early to pick her up.  I was fascinated and cringing and reliving too many 7th grade moments as I watched these 12-15 year-old kids dance (or not dance).  I had to call Andrea after I got home and I'm pretty sure I cried a little and laughed a lot remembering what crazy things went on.  It just can't be possible that  I have a daughter in Jr. High.

 Our family had a fun time at the Halloween party at church.  Jack was hilarious as Frankenstein.  I'm so glad we captured that face.  He kept doing it all night and would walk around with stiff legs and mumble.  What a funny kid.  Adaline was Athena this year ("Not Artemis Mom, that was last year.")  Junior was Mr. Bones again, size 12 month instead of 0-3.  James as "4-wheeler guy" and Alice was a bumble bee.  So cute.  I usually get a picture of Jacob DJing the dance but this year my hands were full with Junior.  He was a skater and looked amazing!  I remember!  Also worth remembering was how warm it was.  It felt like a fall night in another universe, not Rathdrum, Idaho.  So beautiful!!

mr. froggy

We find these guys around sometimes.  I miss hearing the frogs that lived in the swamp behind my house when I was growing up.  They were so loud sometimes they would wake me up with their croaking music.  I never minded though.  I would just listen and think how special it was.  I had the most magical childhood.

what is it about trampolines?

Why is this so fun?!  I'm sure it ended up in some injury and wet pants but we were having such a good time.  In fact I think it was my idea to play crack the egg and someone got clobbered.  I should have known better but I got caught up in the moment.  Oh well, the pain passes and then we are ready to go again. Here's to more good times on the tramp.

ada turns 12

Adaline turned 12 in August and got to spend her birthday on the Payette River with her cousins.  What a lucky girl!!  I made her a daughter of Poseidon crown and the kids all chose a patch to iron onto her birthday shirt (more on back).  Though she ended up on the river, she also spent her day driving 6 hours to get there.  She was happy to read and eat treats the whole time!

What a great family we have!!

I headed to grandma's house with James and Junior.  Next year James and I will get to go.

The girls and their grandpa.

The other raft.  Jack loves to "ride the bull."

I love these people!!

Adaline wanted to celebrate turning 12 with her friends so we had a Harry Potter birthday party before we left for Boise. She had been (still is) pretty obsessed and had everything thought out.  First they were all sorted either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor with a sorting hat and a recording device which was cool (thanks Olivia!) She wanted a Diagon Alley experience so we had the girls shop for their project supplies.  Ada chose a charm especially for each girl to decorate their wand with.

They made their own owls

They decorated spell books (journal) after taking some candy and a goblet for their potions class.  

This is the best picture of the floating candles in the dining hall.  They looked pretty radical at night.
After projects we separated into houses and each made their own potion (mint lime aid).  They had to gather their mint from outside and follow the recipe.  It was pretty funny.  One tasted much better than the other but we adjusted things and everyone ended up liking it.

One golden snich cake with hand-made wire feathers for the most amazing 12 year-old ever!!