Wednesday, April 11, 2012

france: day 9

Day 9 we woke up with our amazing friends the Kartchners. They are so good. They had already hosted Jacob and me in October and there I was with Adaline, 6 months later, in their kitchen again. They are very generous and of course made us feel right at home. I was super excited for Adaline to have a little peek into everyday life in a French village. First we went shopping at a couple of regular stores. None of them had beautiful storefront windows. In fact, they both looked like warehouses from the outside. Inside, there were cute clothes and shoes at reasonable prices. Adaline was a good entertainer for Caroline and Austin so the moms could shop.

Holly suggested we hit the McDonald's drive-thru and take lunch to a park. I looked at Adaline and burst out laughing. Adaline hates McDonald's (I know, how can she be my daughter?) We walked past the same McDonald's in Paris about 4 times a day and every time I asked her if we should stop for a cheeseburger. I said it over and over and it never got old! It was so funny, I don't know why, and here she was facing a French McDonald's reality. I recommended we stop at a grocery store and get Ada some food then proceed to the drive-thru. I wasn't going to let the chance of eating a foreign Big Mac pass me by! So there's a shot of the kids on the Batmobile in the grocery store with Ada holding her precious Orangina. And below are some pictures of our little picnic.
Quite a petite Big Mac. It didn't taste as good as it's American cousin but I'm glad I gave it a try.

We had to drive under this to get to our scenic spot. I'm not sure who they're trying to keep out. It was freakier than going into a parking garage, or through the Rathdrum Wells Fargo drive-up.
It was fun just driving around in a car in this beautiful area. If we saw something interesting, Holly would just turn and we would investigate. As much as I loved being a part of the public transportation world, there is nothing like being in car. Here are a couple of pretty things we saw.

Each village seemed to have it's own sign with different color of tulips.
Here we are, back at Holly's 300 year old house filled with art and antique furniture. It was the best! Adaline loved having Caroline and Austin to play with after spending so many days with adults. Ada is very kid oriented. She seeks out little kids wherever she goes. She did some babysitting for us so Holly could take me grocery shopping with her. What a time we had! Holly was such a good sport! We went at a snail's pace so I could see every little thing. I was in heaven. I truly cannot believe that I don't have one picture of that over 2 hour excursion. I guess that is proof that I was in a total trance. The yogurt aisle alone was a show stopper (yes, it's own aisle!) The amazing cheeses weren't as surprising but the produce was incredible. You have to weigh and price your own produce right there, not at the cash register. It was so cool. I wish I had a picture of that.
We went for dinner to the cute village restaurant. The food was great. I tried escargot. I did not plan on doing that but what the heck! It was a memorable way to end a wonderful and relaxing day. I have a very clear picture in my mind of all us sitting in the garden in the afternoon sun eating ice cream bars, but I guess I didn't grab my camera.