Tuesday, December 13, 2011

young family reunion

After the rafting trip we all met up at Jared and Jodie's house. We chatted and ate and of course looked at pictures of the day's adventure.

Emmett and Alice

On Saturday we all went to the Lowder's to enjoy a day of FAMILY FUN!! It was a thoughtfully planned day with tons of activities and opportunities to reconnect with everyone.
All the Young kiddos together with their mom.

Hazel and Logan in the bouncy house

Minute to win it
One of the auction tables. Our family donated over 2,000 dollars for our two nephews who have MD. We have such kind and generous people in this family.
Lovely ladies

Little ones kept in place

Grandma Young with two of her strapping lads, Robert and Jacob
The bottomless cookie jar was a main attraction. There were a LOT of people eating a LOT of cookies ALL DAY!

Everyone had fun getting wet. Even James (who is being tossed in the picture above) was feeling really confident. In fact, we had a little miracle happen. I was walking from the covered tables toward the cookie jars and I had to pass the pool to get there. As I walked past the pool I looked in the water and saw some hair and some eyeballs. It took a second for it to register that those eyeballs were terrified and needed help. It took a little longer for me to see that it was my Jamers who was drowning in the deep end. I immediately jumped in and saved my boy. What a blessing I was walking by at that moment. He was nearly finished trying to keep his head up when I got to him. There were so many kids playing and splashing he was not noticeable. Who knows? I'm just thankful I was able to help him when I did. We never did figure out how he got in the water. He was not talking much about it, he was very traumatized. I think he just jumped in before he had his life jacket on. Scary!
A major highlight of the day was the belly flop contest. Funny, only Borgs participated, except poor Ben who succumbed to peer-pressure. Jared was the winner I think.

Jack practicing his belly flops

The esteemed judges
Since my clothes were soaked in my rescue mission, I got to wear my swimsuit the rest of the afternoon. Good thing I care more about being tan than having people see my pregnant jiggle.
Craft table
The whole crew
Grandpa playing along
The evening ended with a talent show. Ada played piano while Jack sang My Country tis of Thee
Jared jamming on the harmonica