Sunday, November 6, 2011

junior appears

Finally! This is the precious bundle I have been holding. I am in heaven.
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sleepy head

This picture warms my heart. I have a long-time love affair with Cheetos. This time of year I especially love to sit down with a tall glass of eggnog and a bag of Cheetos and watch tv. It is sublime. You should try it. Make sure it's Darigold eggnog, other brands just aren't quite as good.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

riding the river

We drove to Boise for the Young family reunion in August. It was a packed weekend full of generations of cousins bonding and summer fun. On Friday a passel of people got together and floated the Payette River. I was too pregnant to join them but I'm in next year! Thanks to Uncle Justin's safety assurance, Jack, Ada and Alice went on their first river ride. Here are some shots of the day.


I don't want to forget our little friend Ashes. He was a wonderful pet for my Jimmers who carted him around day and night. So sad that his life was so short. It is dangerous out here for cats, we are finding out, with all the monstrous owls and coyotes. Like his mama Scarlet, he went out for a night walk and never came back. We all miss him.

seversike family reunion

The family got together at Ensign Ranch for a reunion. As you can see, a great time was had by all...

Cue the theme music. Look at that stride. See the wind blowing in our hair. Amazing.
Campfire partiers.

Candy eaters
Trail riders.

Uncle Bryant is a good pusher.
Chair dwellers.
Hand holders.

Slip and sliders.

Rope swingers.

The end.