Thursday, September 29, 2011

epic fourth

We always seem to have the most fun on the 4th of July. This year truly was epic. Jared and Jodie and their boys came up, so did Ranie and her kids. We had tons of fun doing the usual summer stuff.

Gracie Belle coming out of her shell with a mustache. Hilarious!
Uncle Jared entertaining kids with the remote control car.
4 wheeler rides for all ages.

Aunt Jodie in the razor.
Boy table.
Girl table.
Cousins about to sleep in the new loft in our shop. Notice the footie jammies in July. That's the kind of summer we had.

Ready to go to the lake!
Henry, the master of all things wheeled.
Finally, the Fourth comes. We headed to Honeysuckle Beach to play. We had our favorite Canadians show up for the special day. The Nilssons came down to join the festivities!

Jacob finally bought some camp chairs. He has been holding out for the perfect ones. I have to say, the trays on the side are perfect for sandwich making.
Borg brothers.

Home for dinner! Chicken Satay with peanut sauce and couscous, epitome of summer eating!

Are they related or what!?
Most of the kids.

So Jacob does this thing with a pot of water and a soup can and a firecracker that is pretty cool. He lights the firecracker and it blows the can into the sky. Then the fun thing to do is try and catch it. It is kind of hard. The can goes really high.

Here is Joseph ready for the launch.
I snapped this picture right as he caught it. Perfect!
Anna's ready
Oh yeah!

Ada and Jacob and some of the loot.
And so it begins...
Love this little Cashi.
Sam in the garbage box.
We started our firework show with the Pledge of Alligence

The kids also sang America the Beautiful.
Firework madness. We had a ton of people, at least 50, show up in our cul-de-sac for the show. It was so fun and a little crazy with all the kids and sparklers. I was relieved when that part was over and the real show began.

The pyros. Good job boys.

The Nilssons sacked out in the loft. You can't tell but Mandy is probably 7 months pregnant here. I promise I offered her a more comfortable sleeping option. She is one tough lady though.
Swords and the Nilssons and Borgs. I should write a song about that.

Me and my Jimmers, what a day!