Sunday, August 21, 2011

french easter

Adaline and I spent Easter in France. It was a truly perfect day, except we wished our family could be with us. At our house, the Easter bunny leaves a basket of candy and a movie at the end of our beds. On Easter morning, when we wake up, Yay!! there's our Easter treats. Breakfast in bed! Lucky us, our Easter bunny found us in France.

Tired ladies ready for church. At this point in our trip we had been in Paris and Nice (more blogging to come). After Nice, we came to Bourron-Marlotte to visit our friends the Kartchners. They are living in France for now, going to school and enjoying the food and village life. (correct me if I'm wrong Holly :) We had a dreamy day. It was so nice of them to share their holiday with us. Their Easter bunny even brought us treats too. I love the variety of chocolate bells and chickens and lambs in France, different than our mostly eggs and bunnies.

After church we drove to Chateau Vaux le Vicomte. Every year there is a big Easter egg hunt on the grounds of this chateau. We were so excited to check it out. This is a picture from the internet that I copied and pasted. It is obviously superior to any I took. If you have a minute, google this place. It really is amazing and there is a wonderfully tragic story that goes along with it

Here is my picture of the front of the castle.

I couldn't find an Easter dress for Adaline before we left we so shopped for one in France. We found this cute toile print at Monoprix in Nice. Monoprix is one of my favorite stores. It reminds me of an upscale Target. It is probably good that I didn't know the gender of my baby. I might have gone a little wild buying the adorable baby stuff that was in every store. I bought two pairs of dress shoes for Adaline and we lost both of them throughout our trip. Oh well, flip-flops were fine.
There were regular bathrooms too but I thought I should make the most of my international experience.
Behind the chateaux the grounds were enormous! Beautiful statues all around.
All of the kids waiting to start the egg hunt. A woman gave a huge speech in french before they let the kids loose. I think she was setting the rules. Ada and I had no idea what she was saying but it sounded very pretty.

Adaline was lucky to find two eggs. We were warned going into it that it was a little cut throat. She had fun anyway.

Here is a picture with the Kartchners. Talk about being a good sport. I was newly pregnant, so a little tired and squeamish, Holly was at the very end of her pregnancy and she tromped around her area of France with her cute tummy and sore feet and back, making sure she showed us a good time. What a friend!

After the egg hunt we toured the castle. They had dress ups you could rent for the tour. This was what Ada had been looking forward to, dressing like a princess and walking around the castle. They had cute little three musketeers outfits for boys.

This is not a pose. Adaline was in heaven. She is perfectly suited to have lived here in 1641 when the castle was built.
Climbing the tower for the spectacular view.
Views from up top.

Perfect symmetry.
Nicholas Fouquet, who had the place built, with a squirrel on his shoulder. The interior of the castle was very beautiful. We looked all around. There were quite a few wax figures throughout. Interesting.
Ada was sad when she had to turn in her dress.

Pretty flowers.
After the chateau, we went home and produced an incredible potato and fennel gratin to take to our Easter dinner. Holly and Kamm have the most wonderful friends who fed us and entertained us in the next village over. It was so fun. We even had an Easter egg in their back yard behind their adorable cottage. What an experience! How sad I forgot my camera. I will ask for Holly to send me hers. I will add them when that happens.

The picture above is Kamm and Austin dropping me and Adaline off at the train. That night we rode back into Paris and slept at a hotel next to the airport. We left really early the next morning, a laugh and a cry. Happy to see our family again, at the same time, sad to leave such and beautiful and interesting country, not knowing when we would be back.