Friday, July 29, 2011


Last summer Jacob took Jack camping with the scouts. When they came home, Jack's tag blanket was nowhere to be found. We checked laundry and made calls, but nobody accidentally took it home with them and it wasn't at our house. So sad, but he's a big boy and moved forward, looking back only occasionally. Well, when we were getting ready for our Memorial day camping trip, we found tag blank in his sleeping bag. I couldn't believe it. What a happy day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our whole family was excited when we found out Scarlet was going to have babies (Jacob?). We figured she would be due right before Ada and I left on our Mommy-Daughter bonding trip. Well, we were close. Scarlet kept me up the whole night before we left, but didn't have those babies. I hadn't wanted Jacob to have to deal any of that, but being the super guy he is, he rolled with it. We found out later that Scarlet had those kittens the next day on Alice's Bed! Ugh! Between the two of them, they got bedding washed and kittens moved to a more convenient location. What a trooper that man is. These little guys kept me company this whole spring while I gardened. We kept the gray one and found homes for all the others. Lucky us, they all went to friends' houses.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

memorial day camp out

We went camping at Farragut with friends this Memorial day weekend. It was so fun!! I didn't end up with a ton of great pictures. That seems to be the story of this summer too. Oh well, makes choosing which pics make it into the blog easier. Most of these don't need explaining. Tents and fire and food and friends!

Jacob brought the motorcycle and gave rides for hours. Huge hit! The kids also rode bikes and played swords with sticks. I wish I had pictures of that! At first, some of the kids thought they were too old to sword fight, but by the end of the weekend, every kid was doing it. So cute!

The girls slept in their own little tent. Boys were with us in the big tent. They were a little sad but got over it pretty quickly. Camping tends to help kids get over their issues fast. Who wants to mope when there are such better things to do? One morning I woke up and found Michelle teaching the kids how to build a fire. That girl is amazing outdoors. I know from first hand experience. I was at girls camp with Michelle once when a huge thunder storm hit in the middle of the night and the girl's tents flooded. She was up throwing tarps and rope and all sorts of things around the trees to shield the girls from the rain. I tried to be helpful but she had it totally under control. What a sight. She meant business. I made a mental note right there that I needed some serious help in my camping skills department and I also needed to keep good tabs on Michelle if there was ever an emergency!

Some of our friends had left before we took this. I think we had 19 kids and 10 adults. Good times!!
Love this grubby kid!

easter in idaho

This year our family was apart on Easter. Adaline and I went to France and when I booked the ticket, I didn't even think about Easter, it came so late this year. Anyway, I was crushed, but everything worked out and the kids all had fun, no matter the country. Jacob is always in charge of the boys hair but when I'm gone, he loves the number 1 and 2 attachments on the clippers!

While I was in France our eggs piled up. Jacob and the kids took our plain eggs and turned them into true beauties!

Jacob wrote the names of lots of neighbor families on the eggs then delivered them on Easter. What a creative guy!! I think they did 4 or 5 families besides our own. There were tons of eggs. Here's our family and our dear neighbors the Rhoads family. Elder Jordan is almost home from his mission. We can't wait to see him!

Jacob took a picture of this one and sent it to me in France.

What a good dad to take the opportunity to teach the kids about our Savior.
Our friends the Boyers invited Jacob and the kids over for dinner and an egg hunt. They all had fun and ate really well. Alice couldn't stop talking about how good the food was! I'm so thankful for good friends.

sunday nap

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