Monday, June 20, 2011


This is my sister-in-law, Christy. She is a superb photographer. I have to say, when she's around, I get a little lazy with my own camera. Most of the pictures in this post are from her.

My brother and his family came to visit for spring break. We always have such a good time together. We also usually end up throwing up together, but we were able to avoid that this trip. Yay! I think I did buy Fresca just in case though. One of the days we went downtown Spokane and walked/skateboarded around. We saw the roaring falls and played on the big wagon slide. We fed the trash-eating goat, bombarded Red Robin, all got stuffed and went away with balloons. All in no particular order.

Another day we went to see the Spokane temple. We just walked around the grounds and took pictures and little naps in the sun. Still to early for the beautiful flowers to be blooming but we did see some crocuses.

Mostly, we hung out and the kids did lots of cousin bonding. They played, helped get helmets on and off, watched movies, did hair, spent time on the computer, shared reading material, gave 4 wheeler lessons and rides, took care of the farm, jumped on the trampoline and laughed a lot.

I had to put this one of Scarlet our cat in. She went away a couple of weeks ago and we miss her terribly. We have her 4 kittens that remind us of her. We will keep one or two in her honor.

Jacob got out the archery stuff and everyone took turns shooting. Ada is in her element with her Artemis-ish quiver on her back.

We spent some major time on motorized vehicles. So fun! Chris had shoulder surgery a couple weeks before they came out. He was still a little sore so sat out most of the time. At the end though, he couldn't help himself. He and Jacob (and James, to keep it tame) went for a little ride. Just for the record, Jacob got busted for chasing my chickens! Very naughty!

Just had to document Jimmers here. The boy is intense about 4 wheeler rides. He would just pace that wall waiting for his turn. He is also intense about wearing clothes that are too small. He is still wearing size 6-9 months sweats. This particular pair are 18 months.

The tramp was an obvious magnet for laughter and tears. Mostly laughter, thankfully! No injuries.

I love this picture of me and Ethan. He was my farm helper the whole time. He worked with me to clean out the chicken coop, which is no small task. We had a huge mud hole from all the snow melting and extra rain. We shoveled magical pellets all around to soak up the water. We also scooped poop out of the coop. We filled the nesting boxes with new sawdust and stapled the places where the tarps were flapping in the wind. We should have taken before and after shots, it had been a long winter. We had so much fun! Chloe also loved getting the eggs. Maybe next time they come we will have a new kind of animal to check out.