Thursday, May 26, 2011

jack's mouth

Jack had this sort-of shark mouth going on for quite awhile. It looked a little crazy but didn't bother him a bit. We (yes, he and me) wiggled and worked those baby teeth until they were finally ready to come out. I yanked the first out one night, then two nights later, the second came flying out too. With the baby teeth gone, the gap in the front looked huge and the new teeth were positioned so far back, I thought they would never move forward. It is extrordinary how quickly the new ones scooted into the old's places. Our bodies are a wonder!
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

alice is really 9

So, we have all been recovering from having "too much fun". Now I'm back and ready to record what everyone has been up to. Alice turned 9 April 2nd. We had a fun little party for her.

She insisted we play bingo and all the girls loved it. I wondered if they were too old but no way! They played forever.

Next dress up relay. Hilarious!!! My personal favorite of the day.
The girls rocked those heels all the way to my front door. I couldn't believe how fast they could run.

We tackled tie-dye together. It was so fun. Lucky for us it didn't rain until later that day.

Perfect candle shot! Angel food cake with orange whipping cream and sprinkles on top.
Adaline and Olivia, my favorite 17 year old. Olivia came to help me manage all of these cute girls. She also gave Alice her first pop star t-shirt. Justin Bieber has officially entered the Borg home.

Group hug before everyone has to go home. What a good time!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

sunny saturday

The kids and I spent the morning weeding our big flower bed in the front yard. I don't mind weeding too much, especially when my kids are out with me. We have some of the funniest, strangest, sweetest conversations while we're out there. Today was very enlightening. It went something like this:

Jack: Mom, what's your baby going to be born for?
Me: What do you mean?
Jack: You know, born for?
Me: (i have no idea what he means) I don't know. What are you born for?
Jack: (big grin)To have adventures and go exploring.
Me: Ohhhhh. (i get it) Alice what are you born for?
Jack: To be fashion.
Alice: (eye roll) I am probably born to be a hair stylist.
Me: How about you Adaline?
Adaline: (wistfully) I was born to be in the woods.
Me: Jamers, what are you born for?
Jack: To kill bugs.
Adaline: To dig worms.
James: (indignantly) No, to eat candy!!
Jack: I know what Dad was born for!
Me: What?
Jack: To win horse races!
Me: (i burst out laughing. has anyone seen jacob on a horse?) What?
Jack: You know, that trophy he has for winning the horse race.
Me: Oh yeah.
Adaline: That's not for horse racing. It's from pest control.
Jack: (puzzled look) Oh...

I love my kids!!! They all agree that I was born to be their mom. So true.