Sunday, March 20, 2011


We are starting a new life tomorrow. Jacob just said, "The week of Girl Scout cookies is over." Amen!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

paris day 3

We started day 3 at the Louvre. Our friend Kamm met us there and spent the day touring with us. The Louvre is enormous and we were trying to orient ourselves. We took lots of pictures of beautiful things. The pictures will not do any of them justice, but I still posted my favorites so I wouldn't forget.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace made me cry when I came upon it years ago, the first time I visited the museum. It was my favorite piece by far. I was very happy to see her again, but no tears this time.

Jacob with da Vinci
Kamm and me with another da Vinci. This one I recognized from a slide in one of my art classes I took 11 years ago. In fact, there were quite a few I recognized and some I even remembered the titles.
Huge painting
Tired but committed Jacob and Joni with Mona Lisa
The perspectives in this painting are amazing.
"The Raft of the Medusa", one I remembered. Notice the elementary school kids on a field trip. Can you imagine going to the Louvre on a class trip?
This guy looks similar to William the Conqueror by Notre Dame. Maybe done by the same artist? I will look into it.

I loved the collections they display en masse.
Jacob humoring me.
I put my zoom lens on to capture this. It was really high and there were lots of figures coming out of the wall and ceiling like this. Incredible.
Venus de Milo. She really is more life like than the rest. She exudes real emotion.
Pink lady.
Under the Louvre you can see it's foundations.
Egyptian and Middle Eastern displays

Horse for Adaline
Patrolling and keeping us safe
Time for lunch.
The amazing salami and butter baguette. I didn't try the cornichone until next time. The butter in France is extra tasty.
Citron tart
My favorite number
Window shopping
We passed this tapestry deer many times.
Pont des Arts. If you click and enlarge the picture you can see that there are tons of pad locks on the bridge. Our trip was so perfect I have few regrets. One is that we had taken the time to put a love lock on the bridge. A little sappy, I know...
This is the bridge from the Bourne Identity. Funny Jacob was really into that.
Glace is french ice cream. My flavor is the green pistachio. mmmmnn We needed a sweet treat before continuing on our adventure.
On to our next cathedral. This is Saint Chapelle. I'm not sure why I don't have an exterior picture. This was my favorite "historical site" of our whole trip. You start in this little colorful church...

Then you climb the twisty stairs...
And Laaaaaa! (angelic choir) you see this. When I came into the upper chapel it took my breath away and I teared up. I'm not being dramatic. The sun was pouring in those 50 ft. windows and it was amazing. The windows go all the way around the chapel.
Close up of one window.
We wandered to Notre Dame, this time to check out the flying buttresses behind. There is a pretty little park in back.
We said good bye to Kamm until tomorrow and he headed back home. We decided to just walk around the city a bit.
Pretty flower shop

All of these little convenience stores had fruit and vegetables out front.
Detail above store front
I have to say, Coke light is better than diet coke. It could be though, that I was just desperately in need of cold, bubbly, caffeinated beverages in France.

Accordion player on the metro.
This kid walked onto the metro, by himself, and took a seat without looking up from his paper once. He was maybe 10 or 11.

We decided to check out the Rodin Museum. We didn't get a lot of time there because it was closing in 45 minutes, so we did a quick tour. I could have spent a lot of time here, it was very cool. The museum is in Rodin's house, creaky and wonderful.

The mansion houses his work and also pieces of art from his personal collection, some Van Gogh, Monet and others.
This guy's sculptures oozed emotion, especially in contrast to most of the pieces at the Louvre. Interesting to see the difference in style over time.
I love this man

The gardens were fantastic. Lots of meandering walks with sculptures. I do wish we had a little more time there.

Gardens with "The Thinker" in the far background to left of house
Shakespeare and Co., a famous bookstore with English words, very rare in France.
Another cathedral. A newer one. Notice the difference in the stained glass technique.

Those were the scariest drain monsters I encountered in the city.
Sitting down to dinner.
Unimpressive french onion soup. The soup from the White House in Post Falls has ruined me. Hard to imagine.

Really the only disappointing food we had in France was this dinner. I think we were too tired to make a better choice. I also had a steak who's picture was not even worth posting. That's ok though because this is hands down the best creme brulee I've ever tasted!
Passing a crepe stand on our way home.