Sunday, January 30, 2011

alice made a shot!

Alice had a great basketball season. She was definitely the youngest and least experienced on her team, but she worked hard and improved a ton. She learned how to set a strong pick and how to come away with the rebound. She's scrappy. I love it. She did not score in any of her games and she was determined to make a basket her last game. She was not the only one determined that she score. Her coaches and teammates wanted her to as well. After half-time, all plays were run for Alice to take the shot. At one point, with maybe 4 minutes left in the game, one of our best girls dribbled down to just above the right side block and looked at Alice who was standing next to her. She said to Alice, "Stand right here.", gave her the ball and yelled, "Shoot!". She missed. She missed so many times. All of the parents and kids would hold their breath then let out an uuuuhhh when it didn't go in. It was nerve racking. It was incredible too though. Even the refs made a couple of calls that benefited Alice. After every time out the girls would yell, "Alice makes a shot!" They never gave up on her. This went on for the whole 4th quarter. She went to the free throw line 3 times and missed 5. On her last chance with 1.5 seconds left in the game, she made her shot! It was a miracle. Those girls went wild. Everyone was so happy. I was crying. Sports always make me cry but this was more. I couldn't believe that all of those people (girls and coaches) would work so hard and sacrifice so that my daughter could have success. I was thinking about it though, and as a team they decided what their goal was and they all worked to reach it. They all succeeded when Alice scored. It was really wonderful. Here are some pics of that last game. Oh, and we won the game too.

Alice bringing the ball down.

Score clock before last shot. crazy. I was sweating.
We caught the shot on video.
Last huddle after the game. Alice looking embarrassed and pleased. James there to congratulate his big sister.
Amazing little team.

jimmers is 3

Our Jims turned 3 this month. He is the most adorable child. Always smiling and up to something. He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with motorcycles on it. He probably meant edible ones but this was even better! When asked what he wanted me to make for his birthday dinner he responded, "broccoli". Okie Dokie little one. Maybe it balanced out all that chocolate.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What have I been doing this first month of 2011?

*Reading a lot of books. I am choosing the next book for book club. What a perfect way to start the year. I have read some good ones. I will list them later.
*Drinking Italian sodas at home. It is very dangerous to know a person can have a fancy drink in their own home. I'm not a beverage person. This is revolutionary.
*Laughing at Jacob and his maniac laugh.
*Being patient with my kids. I love my kids extra right now. They are growing up. It is undeniable.
*Planning trips. I am always planning trips but I recently signed up on an air fare watch website. It is almost painful to know my cheap flight options all over the world. I might have to quit. Some days, I think it makes me cranky. It could ruin my marriage. Jacob likes to travel but he usually can't commit. So I start thinking it might happen, then, Whammo... no deal. I can fly to London right now for a really good price. I want to take Adaline. I could go on and on...
*Praying for people's health. We have had a wave of friends and family who are having a hard time right now. I am so thankful for a healthy active family.
*Stressing about my calling for the first time ever. This month has been especially brutal. We just got a secretary on Sunday. It has been 9 months. I think that will help so much.
*Neglecting my house plants. When we put up the Christmas decorations, the poor dearies were moved to the project room. Though they were on my desk in front of a window, they have not been thriving. Time to start loving them again. I have an eyelash begonia, peperomia, a jade plant and a somewhat wilted clump of baby tears. I just gave it a good trim up. Hopefully it will go wild with sun and regular water. I also have an African violet, a crazy leggy wandering jew and a rope hoya. (Those stayed in their same spots and weren't as neglected as the others, but I felt bad leaving them out of the post.)
*Running in terrible weather. I finally consider myself a real runner, not just a fair weather runner. I run in snow, ice, rain and a super freezing 17 degrees.
*Avoiding laundry right now. Laundry is my favorite, but I bought some fabric softener that I don't like. It smelled fine in the bottle at the store, but now my laundry stinks. I feel I should use it up, but find that I'm skipping it and I have super static cling instead. My life is so nice, I can't believe that this is something I am even thinking about. Ugghh! I'm spoiled.
*Wishing my friend Cindy hadn't moved. I miss her tons and I need my hair trimmed.
*Catching up on movies with Jacob at night. We love our apple tv.
*Loving my Thursday night basketball games at the stake center. I love basketball. I love to run fast, inside a gym. It is more natural to me than running slowly in a blizzard.