Monday, November 22, 2010

priest lake

As I am posting this, a blizzard is swirling all around me. How thankful I am for summer. Our friends the Garns found this cool cabin on Priest Lake and let us crash their party. We had an amazing time. Labor Day weekend can be chancy around here, but the weather held until the last day. Yippee!!

Cabin in the background. Little and cozy.

Kids playing on the huge beach.

The water was seriously chilly.

We all (meaning adults) got to lay on floating devices and nap/relax. It was the best.
Jacob cooling off.
Jimmers finally comfortable floating in open water. It took all summer to get a smile like this while in the water.
Alice knee boarding .
Kallie helping Jack.
Ada up at sunset. It was such a beautiful night.
Jacob getting creative.
Fire and S'mores.
These cute girls got to share the detached garage loft.
Adaline had this gear on ALL weekend. She was always ready to hop in the boat to be pulled or just go for a ride.
time for some grub.
We all played Battle Ship at some point. Everyone was patient with James. So many good kids in one cabin!
Cooks in the kitchen. One thing we can count on. When Shelece is around, we are going to eat like kings.
Lovey Dovey Alice

Funny Picture/ Birthday Joke

I saw this on my way to my office a few weeks back. The sign says something about Happy Birthday... Funny



Sunday, November 21, 2010

a new face

Finally, we have a new look. Good-bye green trees. You've served us well...