Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just had to post this picture as an intro to our Priest Lake Extravaganza! Adaline must have stepped in a serious puddle of sap! This was the best weekend away ever.

P.S. Upon further scrutiny, I believe that she actually stepped on a roasted marshmallow. Gadzooks!
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canadian summer

We have been going to Canada every summer to visit our dear friends the Nilssons for years now. We have some definite traditions. Chicken on a bone (fried chicken), playing at parks, gelato, extra good dining out options, shopping at the Great Canadian Superstore, swimming in the Stirling pool, eating junk food and trashing Mandy's basement. We also usually spend a day at Waterton National Park but this year we mixed things up and checked out the Hoo-Doos. It was seriously cool. You can walk and climb all over where the wind has eroded sandstone and made these excellent rock formations. It was pretty vast too. I lost James for a couple minutes but I didn't get too down on myself. Are you seeing how that boy could maneuver over those rocks?! It was all I could do to keep up with him. Anyway, we had a great time and would go back to the Hoo-Doos in a second. Besides, who can beat that name? We love you Nilssons, Mandy, even if you don't read my blog!

my man the scouter

So, Jacob has been in Ym/Scouts for 6 years now. He is amazing. This picture was taken on one of the camp outs this summer. I chose this one because it shows Old Scout Jacob doing something new... reading a novel. Atlas Shrugged was his summer read. He was not messing around. We were having some real role-reversal going on at the Borg's. Usually it's me with my nose in a book.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tubbs hill and cliff jumping

This summer my nephew Brad lived with us. We loved having him around and miss him now that he's gone back to Washington. Here are some pictures of a funny family outing sometime in August. We told Brad we were going cliff jumping. We took him to Tubbs Hill in Coeur d'Alene. We ended up hiking and sweating instead of finding cliffs crazy enough for him. He got tricked.
We made it up to him by taking him to some cliffs right by our house. Ada and Jack even got into it. Adaline has been scared of heights for awhile now but she overcame and jumped at least 12 ft. Jack had no issue whatsoever launching himself into the air!

i'm not old yet

This summer I was able to go on a record number of tube rides behind various boats, with various drivers. This was one of the most memorable rides. I was told this tube was not able to flip, something about the way it was engineered. Well, congrats to Dan because he totally tossed me and my friends Shelece (his wife) and Katrina. I seriously laugh every time I see this picture. I love those girls!
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adaline turns 10!

Ada turned double digits on August 17. UNBELIEVABLE! She is really into mythology right now so she wanted that for her party theme. It was really fun. We dressed everyone up. Jacob came home and helped everyone shoot bows and arrows. We had a scavenger hunt, made our own Greek style pizzas, pinned the snakes on Medusa's head (are they ever too old for that game?) and ate birthday cake. What a wonderful daughter I have! So sweet, so thoughtful, so interesting! I love her so much.

first day of school

Holy Cow! I've been waiting for my life to slow down before I start catching up on the blog but I don't think that is going to happen any time soon. Instead, I'm goingto dive right in. School has started. Ada is in fifth grade, Alice third and Jack is in kindergarten. Everything is going well and the kids love their teachers.
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