Sunday, June 28, 2009

Borg Kids "Mash-Up"

Here is video of our latest dance party with a little reggae mash-up!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

our farm

A week ago Sunday, our nap was interrupted by these guys attacking our dog. It was wild and scary. I have never seen anything like this enormous swarm of honey bees. They settled in a tree that our dog run is anchored in. Teddy was going bezerk and everyone was mad. I ran out to grab Teddy and hit this wall of bees. The sound was really awful. I was immediately stung on the eye so I ran back to get Jacob. He put on his helmet and goggles and gloves and got Teddy away. They were all over her so we tried to hose them off but they were all caught in her hair. Then she went into shock I guess because she looked like she was going to die. It was all very upsetting. She got worse but now she is getting better. I have picked over 80 stingers out of her skin. That is no exageration. So here are some pictures of the dang bees. I called someone to come remove them. It took him about 3 hours to scrape them into a 5 gallon bucket then dump it into a bee box. It was very interesting. He said there are over 30,000 bees in this swarm. He was very excited to take them home and eat their honey. I was excited to get them off my farm. I think my kids are scarred for life. They are the ones who saw them all over Teddy first.

A happier story is called We Now Have Chickens. We have this cute coop for them to live in. I love it so much. Our little chicks are Buff Orpintons. We are calling them Russet and Rose. They are supposed to be a very friendly, pettish breed. I hope that is true. We also have two Ameracaunas on order. They are also supposed to be friendly and they lay blue/green eggs. They are coming on June 30. We can't wait. The picture in the cardboard box is where the girls are living until they grow up and can go into the adorable coop.

Here is a picture of some lavender and other flowers I'm growing on my patio.

Here is my first attempt at a vegetable garden. I have 3 tomato plants, 4 green peppers, 1 jalepeno, 1 zucchini, 1 cucumber, and 6 bean plants. Also in the bed, Russian Sage and lots of weeds. In a bed near my front door, I have 3 winter squash growing. Next time I am posting about the front yard.
I added this cute one of my little Jims because we musn't forget I'm growing people too.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camping with the Cousins

Well, I'm blogging again, and I love it! I am going to tell you about our latest camping trip. We went camping with our cousins at Ensign Ranch. It was the best camping trip I have been on! We did so many fun things. My family got at the campsite a mid-night! It was very chilly, and I had to sit at the camp fire with a blanket, it was so cold. After we went to sleep, I was the first to wake up. When my Uncle Chris and my mom woke up,( Witch was around 45 min. after) we made reservations for horseback riding. When we came back, everyone was awake. Asa, David, Alice, Jack, and Chloe were up and playing. We had a breakfast of pancakes and fruit. It was very good. A few min. after eating our meal, the kids went down to the lake. We got the family down there, and started jumping off of a rope swing into the water. David was a pro. He was also one of the last ones to get in. He was just swinging back and forth, jumping onto land. when I got in, I went under, and when I got back out, I felt like I was going to die!

After we did that, we went to a Slip & Slide. That was loads of fun!

At 2:00, Alice, Ethan, and Jack went riding horses for a while. I bet it was fun! here are a few pictures. After they had their turn, it was Asa, David, Mom, Uncle Chris,and my turn. We were going on a trail ride. I rode a horse called Harry. He was my dream horse. Harry had truoble going out of the corral, but he was just perfect, other than that. It was so fun, I did it again! First, we got tacked up. Next, we mounted, and after that, we started on the trail. It was a sight to see. There were plants every were. One part had a tattered old troll's house! I loved that part. When we got done I wanted to do it again on Monday.(I did.) On Sunday, we had a little meeting for church. We had a testimony meeting, and after that, the kids put on a little play.Here is one of them.(Mom is trying to figure out how to put on a video. You might need to check back later.) On Monday, we are to leave, but I went on another trail ride with my dad. I rode Harry again. This time, he didn't haste to leave the corral. I had the time of my life! Adaline