Sunday, April 19, 2009

The First Blossom of Spring

This story is about a scavenger hunt. All of the animals were invited, but only one animal could win. The thing that all animals were shooting for was a little purple flower. The animals that were competing are Deer, Cougar, Rabbit, Turtle, Horse, and Eagle. ''The scavenger hunt will begin in 5 4 3 2 1, Go!!! '' said Fawn. As every one rushed in diffrent directions, only Horse stayed behind. ''Wait up,'' she said, as she hurried along behind them. Wishing that she was faster, Horse galloped across the plain, when she reallised that her hoof was stuck under a root. As she tugged at the root, she saw a little purple flower! Horse had won. As a gold medle was placed around her neck, she felt a glow of pride. My mom and I had a similer experence when she and I were looking for plants that survived the winter, we saw this flower.It was a sighn that spring was FINEALLY here!!! Adaline
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Albino Peacock Alert!

So I guess you have heard about our trip to Bosie. While we were there, we went to Walter's Ferry, and we saw Albino Peacocks!! Not only that, but we saw swans, regular peacocks, wild rabbits, and statues made out of horse shoes. There was also a little place that you could rest at. At that place, there was a bridge that had a troll under it! It was very funny. I know you would love it there. The Albino Peacocks were very,very,very cute. I got to touch the fethers on this one. Albino Peacocks are now my favorite birds.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Wednesday night I was on my computer perusing craigslist when I came across a deal on a TW200. So... as it turns out I came home Thursday with another motorcycle. I was eager to clean it up and start the transformation to black. Here are some pics of the fun as the kids helped me clean it up.

Arrival/ As-is

Jack helping me clean up the Bike

Adaline watching Jimmy while Jack and I are working...

The kids were getting restless so I loaded them up for a quick ride (the four-wheeler has a dead battery so we all loaded up on the bike)

Detailed, Painted, added front and rear rack, dyed red seat black, etc.

Still needs new tires and more black paint... but it is looking nice and ready to roll...

Anybody that wants to come up here and go trail riding... let me know!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

spring cleaning

This morning I told Jack to go get in the cruiser because it was time to go to school. He ran out there and I followed a couple minutes later. As soon as I walked into the garage I could hear him yelling something, that is nothing new, he is really a pretty loud kid. I opened the door to climb in and saw an alarmed grossed-out expression on his face. He was shouting, " MOM, IT SMELLS LIKE THE INSIDE OF A PUNKIN IN HERE!" I guess the warmer weather has encouraged the cruiser to blossom along with everything else. I'll have to tackle the beast tomorrow. The best part of this story is that I'm safe. I've been having some crazy sinus troubles so I can't smell a thing...