Saturday, January 31, 2009

scout winter camps...

This group of pics is from the Klondike that we just went on last weekend. Very Cold and a good time had by all attending!

This group is from our December overnight camp-out in Farragut State Park. Luckily, on this one I had to go home for the night and sleep in my own bed... (long story)

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sledding with kids

The Christmas Post of our natvity was getting mighty dated... so I had to post some of our Saturday fun. Joni is gone on a weekend trip with some girlfriends so we got out the tube and snow maching and had a grand time!!!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this is it

So Christmas is over but I had to post my funny family nativity scene. It is always so hilarious and cute and it is one of our favorite traditions.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

this is real

Yesterday I read a book called the Moonraker's Bride and it was really good and my husband could not handle not having my attention and kept taking ridiculous pictures of me and I just tried to ignore him and I FINISHED it. I am also posting these pics so he can't. I do love him.

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happy birthday jims!

My little baby turned one today. How did that happen?!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

pics of snow and house this winter

Here is a pic of our place. We are pretty well buried this year. Thought I would post so everyone can see our second winter blast in a row. Lots of buildings collapsing this year. Costco and a couple Wal-Marts have had to close so they can move all the snow off of their roofs. I also got some pics of a nice buck out by our place that I will post. The kids are having a blast playing in the snow and climbing all the piles that are stacked at the end of our street.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

snow and motorcycles... and snowmobiles...

I haven't posted for a while... We have lots of snow here. All the records from last year are being broke. I spent 2.5 hours today plowing. FUN STUFF!!!! I also just got my motorcycle back from Happy Trails with the Panniers. I am eagerly awaiting Spring so I can go on some sort of overnight excursion with all my gear and my bike. There are a few pics below of the finished product.

I also will throw in a few videos of me jumping the snowmobile in the front yard on Christmas Day. I was doing pretty good... landed about 6 times just fine and had a group of grown men telling me to go faster and jump higher. I am a sucker for peer pressure. Last video shows me bailing after I caved to their pressure.