Thursday, September 18, 2008

first day of school

Well, school has been in for almost 3 weeks and I'm trying not to be devastated about it. I miss my girls when they aren't with me. They are growing up, that's for sure! Alice is in first grade this year so she 's gone all day now. Our life was so different this time last year. We were townies. We lived in a rental house in Rathdrum across the street from school, church, friends and Super 1 (the local grocery store) because our country home flooded. I was pregnant and wanting to nap- badly. So, I would hurry across the street with Jack to get Alice from kindergarten, come home, eat lunch, then put Jack down for a nap. After Jack was for sure sleeping, I would turn off the ringers on the phones and Alice and I would crawl into my bed to sleep. If Alice needed a nap that day, I would set my alarm so we could pick Ada up from school on time. If Alice was not sleepy, I would turn on cartoons and tell her to wake me up after the Snorks (we had deluxe cable at the rental house). It was a beautiful routine, one that she and I talk about often. I don't worry about Alice while she's at school. She seems so mature- most of the time. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she is only 6 when she is having a diva moment because it surprises me. Alice has a gift for all things having to do with fashion. She notices every detail. She is growing a filter. Now, if she doesn't like your earrings, she will tell you how pretty your shoes are instead. She used to just say whatever popped into her head but she would never hurt some one's feelings intentionally- thus the filter. She is a major peacemaker in our family. She is very spunky and fun and quick to laugh. She is also quite the little mother. Sometimes I feel sorry for Jack and James, but they miss Alice so much now she is gone all day. One of the great dreams of my life is to send Alice to hair school and I will never have to think about my hair again. I would say that hair is an obsession for her right now. At least it's not boys...

Adaline is in third grade and just looks old to me now. She cut off her hair, had some great teeth come into her face, grew about 5 inches and craziest of all, she runs around with these mondo feet. Not only are they long, they just look adultish. Along with her body, her vocabulary has grown as well. I wish I could recall an example but-- no deal. All I can say is that she says "like" a lot less than me. I'm trying to work on that. Teddy, our dog, has also given her an opportunity to show us how confident she is with animals. She is a natural animal person, completely in control and responsible. In other ways though, she is still the same. She still likes to play and use her imagination. She still likes to snuggle me, maybe even more than before because she misses me too. She is also more private with her emotions now which is really hard on me. I worry that I might miss something in the short time we have together in the evenings. Luckily, she is a very happy and steady girl. I am so grateful my girls are such wonderful friends and that they have each other forever!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

up to canada to see the nilssons

We went to see our friends the Nilssons in August and we had a great time! We always have so much fun together but we never seem to document it. Well, I was going camera crazy at Waterton. It is a good thing too because I didn't take another picture the rest of the trip. I burned the kids out with all those group shots and frankly, 8 kids 2 moms, Mandy and I spent the rest of the time chatting and eating and trying to tune those cute, but noisy kids out.

Waterfall at Waterton National Park. I guess that's what we would call it in the States, probably the same in Canada too?

Alice, Joseph, Jack, Adaline, Anna, Matthew
After exploring the waterfall we hit the park. Gotta love the tire swings! Too bad I'm old now and want to throw up just watching my kids spin like that.

While at the park, it started raining- hard. We ran to the cars and found a "covered kitchen" where we could stay dry and eat some lunch.
Mandy and 3 week old Sam. What a good sport- both of them!

For lunch, we had what Alice coined
chicken on a bone. I have created a monster in Alice. She is a 6 year old foodie. This girl is intense about food and her favorite is chicken on a bone, not to be confused with chicken on a strip which can be had at nearly every restraunt on the planet. Chicken on a bone is a rare treat and she absolutely devoured it. She was cleaning everyone's plate!

We hung in there and the rain finally stopped. We threw some rocks in the lake, had a couple meltdowns in the cute little candy shop and ended with an ice cream cone. What a beautiful day!
Cute James drowning in his hoodie.

Some other highlights of the trip for me were leaving the big kids with a sitter and taking the babies to The Great Canadian Superstore to shop. Superstore is like a cross between Fred Meyer and Target. It is amazing! They have a great clothing line called Joe. Very cute and super inexpensive. I look forward to my Joe outings like you wouldn't believe. It's a good thing it only happens about once a year, I'm working on changing that though.

It was Mandy's turn to host her book club while I was there so that was also fun. We cooked yummy food and cleaned up and then I got to meet some of the people that I am always hearing about. It's interesting to have a face for the name.

Also, I really like walking with the kids to the little store in town to buy treats. Canada has the best junk food! Butter tarts, slush creams, Caramilk bars, Popcorn Twists, I could go on and on.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

triathlon complete!

Well my big day arrived and I am a new girl. First thing, I was having serious doubts about this whole thing but when I got my packet and found my number was 220 I knew I could do it! The power of 22! Jacob took the day off and brought the kids down so they could cheer me on. I was prepared to do this on my own but having my family there for support and encouragement was so much better. I loved having them clap and yell as I biked or ran by. I ended up renting a wet suit for the half mile swim which turned out to be a really smart thing to do. It was probably the hottest day of the summer so the water temp was not an issue to me (I don't mind cold water). Swimming was my weakest leg of the race and the BUOYANCY factor of the wet suit made it possible to swim that far without having to stop (I was on my back most of the time). The 12 mile bike ride was not too bad considering that while training I didn't ever go farther than 6 miles. The route was beautiful but had some serious hills-- yuck! The 5k run was definitely the easiest part, probably because that is all I really trained for and I knew I could walk if I needed to. So, I did it... In fact, I'm really glad I did and here's the kicker-- I want to do it again. Anyone interested??

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Swim Goal-- Don't be last out of the water
Bike Goal-- Don't get off and push the bike
Run Goal-- Run the last mile, finish strong
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