Wednesday, December 31, 2008

for you, Chloe

Best friend-- So many memories!
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thanks guys!

Brittany, David, Brad, Tricia, Joni, Jacob

I came across this great picture from Thanksgiving and had to post it. We did more that weekend besides a turkeybowl. This is us downtown Cd'A looking at the amazing light display by the resort. We had so much fun while my brother David and his family were in town! Love you guys!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


When I was young I decided that I wanted to take my kids to Nutcracker every year for our Christmas tradition. Thinking back, I can't remember what made me think of that. I had never seen Nutcracker or knowingly listened to the music, but I do remember having that desire and making that commitment. I waited very patiently for Ada and Alice to grow to an age that I thought they could handle sitting still well enough, then we took the plunge. Ada was 5 and Alice 3 and I was 27 (I held out and waited for them). That first time we were late because I locked my keys in my car at Walmart and had to wait for Jacob to rescue me in a blizzard. We hurried home to dress and Jacob rushed us to Spokane and waited in town for us to finish so that I wouldn't have to deal with parking. We came in about 45 minutes late. I was in tears- my dream was ruined. Oh well. Life does go on and looking back, at their ages they may have been a little bored during the begining anyway. Classic Joni tale. We had a great time this year though, loving the music and costumes and sets!
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

trip to california

Monterey coast
My friend Mandy and me
Delicious sandwich from a market/deli in Carmel.

I loved the plants there.
We just caught the sunset in Big Sur
Amazing meal in Carmel. We lucked out and after we were seated found that the place specialized in salume. My favorite! We ordered the sampler salami and cheese. We also ate this great sorbetto and some spectacular almond meringue cookies that they included. I can't believe we didn't photograph the cookies! I guess we ate them too quickly.
Mandy wrestling James. Luckily, Sam slept through this meal. James wasn't the easiest age to travel with but he is so sweet and mellow that we had a great time anyway. There were only a handful of moments that I wished he was home with his dad.

Monarch grove in Pacific Grove. I had no idea that all of these butterflies migrate here for fall/winter. It was cool to see but hard to capture on film- just like everything on this trip.

Some of my favorite cottages in Carmel. Since we flew in to San Francisco and rented a car, we were able to really see some beautiful things. We may have driven every inch of Carmel. Half because we could, but also because when you are lost you can cover lots of ground. Also, when I was looking at all these pics of plants and houses and food, I noticed that I'm obviously used to taking pics of my kids instead.
Carmel Mission. Mass happened to be going on while we visited. It was interesting to hear familiar hymns being played and sung in Latin.
Kind of crazy graveyard.

Everyone was so nice to us moms with our babies on our trip. It didn't hurt to have such adorable little boys hanging off our chests smiling at everything.

Little courtyard in town where we hung out, rested and fed our babies.

I love the ocean!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

turkey bowl... again

The youtube movie I made with the pics didn't turn out as well as I thought... so here are the pics in my picasa slide show. enjoy. Jacob

Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl @ the Borg's!!!

Here is a video of a little football from this year's Turkey Bowl. We had the Rhoads, Garn, Seversike, Coffey, Olsen families and other relatives and friends playing. Great time. Thanks to Joni for putting it together and to the Coffeys for supplying the hot chocolate!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time with Daddy

Well,this is my first blog. Mom left to go to Californa, so we went to Bolt. We had a lot of fun there!Before that, Dad Came to our school.Dad ate lunch with Alice and I.Today, we cleaned.This is only the 2 day!!!I hope we go to another movie tonight.I relly want to see Madigascer2.See'ya!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What have the Borgs been up to? We have been running around crazy working hard and having lots of fun too. Here is a summary of what's been happening up here. If you want details then scroll down and look at the obscene number of pictures I've posted. I wanted to do a slide show but I couldn't remember how and those aren't really that much fun anyway...

*Adaline was baptized
*Jared, Jodie, Henry and Hayden came to visit from Chicago
*We sold our Pointe Pest Control branch in Minneapolis to Terminix
*Joni turned 30
*Jack turned 4
*Jacob turned 33
*Jacob and I went to Phantom of the Opera here in Spokane
*I was in charge of our ward Primary program, There's a first time for everything
*Jacob is staying busy with his scouts
*Jack started preschool, a co-op with some of my friends and their kids
*Jacob had lasik surgery on his eyes
*Jacob has been hunting, not as much as he would like, but he has managed to get out.
*I have been dealing with two kids now who have homework and 20 minutes of reading to do each night.
*We went to Boise for Halloween. I will post pics of that trip next time
*Jacob went to watch Boise State play in Eugene with friends.
*Jacob also just got back from his 3annual "mancation", riding motorcycles in the sand dunes at Pismo beach
*I read Les Miserables. The unabridged version
*Alice lost her two front teeth
*James is adorable, getting into the toilet, cabinets and he loves the stairs

I just spent way too much time telling about these pictures and then somehow lost it all. I am super crabby about it so I will have to come back and fill in later.

We spent my 30th in sandpoint.

Lunch Peak



Lake Pend Oreille

Jack's 4th. Super Hero cake

Jared and Jodie

Greenbluff pumpkin patches and orchards

Jacob's birthday in Wallace

Spokane River boat ride into Coeur d'Alene for dinner and sink the boat

four wheeler

Moons Pass, near the St Joe river

BSU game